Wednesday, December 8, 2010

RIP special christmas decor

i have a sad story.  after searching everywhere in our house and in several other houses, our box of christmas tree decor is missing.  last year i bought the most adorable little 1960s angel with big blond bouffant hair and a little yellow dress.  she belonged with me and i was excited to give her a home.  with her as inspiration, i made, bought, and borrowed handmade or vintage looking ornaments.  among the many was an ornament made from the champagne corks we drank at my parents' house after we got engaged, brightly colored paper chains my sister and i made many christmases ago, and the first ornament my parents bought for their very first christmas tree.  sadly, the only picture we have is a terrible one, but i know it has all our christmas tree treasures on it and it is now so special to me.

christmas eve 2009 with the pastor and baby little dog         

i can't bring myself to buy other ornaments yet ( i am still beyond hopeful and not ready to give up that they might be found).  however, i did adopt another very special angel that belongs with me.  she is being shipped today.

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