Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the couch has changed locations.

i have sort of taken a break from blogging.  really, i just didn't have anything interesting to say.  the pastor, the little dog, and myself are now in our new house and loving life.  i can't wait until our house is all painted and decorated and looks pretty.  i can't wait for it to feel like home.  this is CRAZY and i can't believe i am going to admit this, but...

sometimes i miss holly hill.

it makes me sad to drive by and think of franklin's long days in the window sill.  our new house is perfect in everyway and is a much needed sanctuary.  however, it takes a while to be home.

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  1. you're like me... whenever i'm on a task or making something, etc I want it done NOW! Joni and I were talking about that with this office... he he he