Sunday, August 15, 2010

the past week in a blog post.

for starters, we celebrated the little dog's 1st birthday.  i can't believe that the little dog is the biggest now.  he was so tiny the day we brought him home.  i also can't believe that a little dog is a staple in our family.

the day we brought him home.  tiny little one.

also, the event that makes me hate my job more than any other thing happened last week.  video dance camp.  here is my finished product.  i am officially the worst videographer and editor ever.

laughs and ridicule are allowed.

thirdly, the new house is coming along. we are adjusting to it and getting to know the neighbor hood.  when this house is cute, i will love it here. little dog has adjusted and is acting normally.  see below:

his post as usual.

sarah and kristen came to visit twice this week.  visitors definitely makes it feel like home.  i didn't realize that we had become used to never being alone in our house.  the change is really nice, don't get me wrong, but sometimes a little lonely.  they harassed frank as usual.

 at least no chick-fil-a nuggets were involved this time.

these are only highlights of an insane week.  so insane, that little dog and i went to sleep at 9 pm last night.  today? ikea.  woohoo no more sleeping on the floor!  also, we say good bye to holly hill officially with a dump run.  we love our new house and are ready to say goodbye, but probably we need to apologize for all the mean things we said about it.  deep down, we love that house.

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