Sunday, January 17, 2010

being very brave today...

i have a confession to make.  i never do things that i am not 100% sure that i will succeed at.  today that changes.

before i make any decision that requires me to display any ability in front of people, i am always prepared and have made sure i am fully equipped.  today, elana and i are trying out for moment of flight for dogtown dance theater opening in may.  i have to admit, i am TOTALLY not fully equipped for this.

the audition looks like this...
1.  dance class- ok you might think this i could do, being a dance teacher, but i have not danced myself    in years

2.  running up a wall- no explaination necessary here if you have met me.

3.  a 3.3 mile run outside thru the city- ok so i didn't train and yesterday i almost passed out after two miles

i am very scared and might die.  however, i told myself i would try out and i am going to follow through.  i don't do things like this.


ever. ever.

never. ever. ever.

i think you get the point.

update planned for later if i survive...