Wednesday, January 20, 2010

just another first...

the little dog finally got his hairs cut.

it was a traumatic experience. i got up at 7 am, our usual potty time, to take him to the groomer.  he was a little upset and very confused when we didn't get back in bed, but got in the car.  he looked at me over the girl's shoulder as she carried back and i almost cried.  i explained to them that he is my best friend and has never been in a kennel.  they promised me that he would be fine and that they would call me as soon as he was done.  i headed back home and crawled back into bed with out my buddy.

it was awful.

at around 10:00 the dog groomer called and told me i could come get my puppy. when i got there, the little dog was so angry with me he wouldn't look at me.  we got in the car and headed home.  franklin cried louder than i have ever heard him do so.  we got home and made friends again after i fed him a few treats (don't tell the pastor.  treats are not allowed for anything but tricks by his rules.  my rules are a little different.  in my book, you get treats just for being you.)  now, we are asleep on the couch.

life as usual, just with shorter hair.

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