Monday, January 18, 2010

my own personal ironman

so here's the update...

1. the dance class - i did fine.  not a whole lot to say here.  but kind of funny...i was sweating after 15min of the 4 hour audition. oh man not looking so good.

2.  the wall -  i have to say i was pretty impressed with myself.  i got my butt up that thing.  surprisingly i wasn't so bad.

3.  SURPRISE SHUTTLE RUNS....ew gross. slowest one.  i am NOT a runner.

4.  3.3 mile run- walked 92% of it.  so this is just crazy that anyone could complete this after completeing steps 1-3.  well, i was not one of them.  the second i got outside, my muscles turned to stone and i just decided i didn't care to put myself through that.  instead elana and i just walked, running here and there a little, and chatted about how we thought everyone else did.  kinda funny.  just a really fun time with her.  we laughed and talked about how crazy we are for thinking we could do this.  we also complained...a lot.  i think it got us through it.

so this update is a little late considering that i now know the outcome...

elana and i both got called back...what? did they see us walking? hello.  we did not run.

hmmm, now seeing that we didn't have to, i am super glad we didn't, because we would have been scrapped off the road for sure.

i guess i will have to figure out how to get my butt back up that wall again on wednesday.  no promises here.

ok so if you know me, you know i am big on liberating moments.  for example, i love all womens' gym, because it is a free liberation zone for women of all body types to wear as much or as little as they want and feel comfortable and confident.  i walk through the gym laughing at large women in little shorts, but at the same time i am begining to understand the phrase, "you go girl".

so here's for my liberating moment...

at one point we were asked to get ourselves over the wall.  ok flash back to all team building activites and times of being the kid who has to be hoisted over the wall by atleast 4 people.  so, i ran at the wall...lept through the air...and somehow found myself at the top gripping the ledge with my fingers.  then, like a fat kid crawling out of a swimming pool, i flung my leg over and rolled onto the platform at the top.  i couldn't help but stand at the top, look down, and go girl.

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