Wednesday, January 13, 2010

like peas and carrots

i am not sure what the dog whisperer or even stephen would say about my ability to be "alpha dog", but franklin and i are best buds...we share everything.

last night we went to bed very early because i had a terrible headache. after a few hours, i got out of bed to get some water and franklin, who was out cold on my pillow, didn't seem to notice i had even moved. i came back to bed with the water and had a few sips. this got the little man's attention. he perked right up very interested. it occurred to me that his nose was very dry and that he might be thirsty too. like a good best friend, i offered him some water(don't worry no plans to drink after him). he shoved his tiny nose down the cup and proceeded to gulp the whole thing! i laughed and gave him a kiss. then, we both laid back down on the same pillow and went back to sleep. i can't believe i love having a little dog. maybe there is hope for me to one day be able to love a child, but don't hold your breath.

ok so it's obvious that i love the little dog. i'll try to say something nice about the pastor one day so he doesn't get jealous...

this is us.

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